D1NZ My Mate Daniel Cruise

Feb 9, 2012 | Pedey

Check out this quick video we threw together from yesterday’s D1NZ cruise through the middle of Auckland City! […]

Grand Theft Auto Five – first trailer released (+video)

Nov 4, 2011 | NZPC

It was way back in 1997 that the original Grand Theft Auto video game debuted for the Playstation. […]

Amercian Formula D final round in two minutes (+video)

Oct 14, 2011 | NZPC

Earlier this week we brought you news of Daijiro Toshihara taking out one of the most coveted titles […]

Forza 4 Endangered Species trailer released (+video)

Oct 4, 2011 | NZPC

Much anticipated racing game Forza 4 is due for release on October 13 and to get us all […]

Trike racers reach 90km/h in epic downhill pass (+video)

Sep 23, 2011 | NZPC

It’s a special breed of person who gets into trike drifting or trike racing. First, you have to […]

Try-hard drifters terrorise Middle East public road (+video)

Aug 24, 2011 | NZPC

Getting stuck in Auckland traffic can be frustrating and there are any number of distractions and hazards to […]

Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial (+video)

Aug 17, 2011 | NZPC

The Block is back and this time around he’s gone bigger, longer, louder and more ridiculous than ever […]

Team Need for Speed – drift video in 3D

Jul 28, 2011 | NZPC

For the New Jersey round of Formula Drift the lads at Team Need for Speed decided to create […]

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