News: Enduro GT-R ready to fire!

May 28, 2014 | Marcus

Auckland’s International Motorsport (IMS) has a killer R35 GT-R in the build, which is destined for endurance racing. […]

NZPC 201- Hot Off The Press!!

Jul 30, 2013 | Marcus

Fresh off the back of NZPC #200 we wanted to follow up with another epic issue and knew […]

NZPC 192: Hot off the press

Oct 23, 2012 | Marcus

Another month brings another issue of New Zealand Performance Car magazine. On the cover we have one of […]

Nissan Juke-R video build continues – interior fitting

Nov 10, 2011 | NZPC

The hard working crew at Nissan UK are pushing on with building the Juke-R prototype and have revealed […]

Nissan reveals 2012 GT-R with 404kW of power

Nov 8, 2011 | NZPC

Every year since the GT-R debuted in 2007, Nissan has made tweaks for each model year. In keeping […]

Stillen GT-R takes on Helicopter at Targa NZ (+video)

Nov 8, 2011 | NZPC

When a car goes head-to-head with a helicopter in a straight-up drag race the result is pretty obvious. […]

Next Nissan Juke-R build video – Gearbox and Drivetrain

Nov 4, 2011 | NZPC

Nissan has released the fifth installment in its Nissan Juke-R video series which follows the UK-arm of Nissan […]

Nizfest at Hampton Downs this Saturday

Nov 3, 2011 | NZPC

Nizfest had its inaugural event in 2010 and was a big-time success with hundreds of Nissan fans and […]

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