Video: Taka Aono + The Flying 86

Apr 4, 2014 | Marcus

  In a sea of 1000-plus horsepower drift cars, there is one driver who, year after year, shuns […]

NZPC 209: Your monthly snapshot of the New Zealand Import car community

Apr 1, 2014 | Marcus

  If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of NZ Performance Car 209, which is now in-stores, here is […]

News: How to build a drift car for under $5000

Jan 9, 2014 | Marcus

  While the price of building a competition spec drift car is constantly increasing, that doesn’t for a […]

NZPC 206: We have your summer reading locked down – out December 23rd

Dec 16, 2013 | Marcus

              The summer holiday season is finally upon us, and for lots […]

Video: Outsiders – Driftworks take on Japan

Nov 26, 2013 | Marcus

  The team from Driftworks in the UK took a trip to Japan in 2011 to discover drifting […]

Video: WTAC and Tectaloy International Drift Challenge

Oct 29, 2013 | Marcus

  Take a ride with Team New Zealand as they trophy snatch at the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge […]

NZPC 204: ETS Hilux Wallpapers

Oct 24, 2013 | Marcus

 We couldn’t resist sharing a wallpaper of the current NZPC 204 pull-out poster showing Nigel Petrie’s ETS Hilux […]

NZPC 204: Something New To Read At The Gas Station

Oct 22, 2013 | Marcus

Hot off the press and in stores this week is the latest issue of New Zealand Performance Car magazine. […]

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