Scary GP3 crash

May 28, 2012 | Marcus

With the massive down force applied on open wheel race cars these days, it can spell disaster when […]

Freak crash brings excitment to IndyCars Baltimore Grand Prix (+video)

Sep 6, 2011 | NZPC

For many motorsport enthusiasts the American-based IndyCar Series is just a poor cousin to Formula 1. The IndyCars […]

Monster truck munters tug-of-war to the death (+video)

Aug 19, 2011 | NZPC

It always sucks to damage your mates ride, if your driving it or just scratch it by being […]

Moscow street racing claims R35 Nissan GT-R (+video)

Jul 13, 2011 | NZPC

The latest addition to our ‘street racing isn’t cool’ file comes from Moscow, Russia where a late model […]

Epic Fail: VW Caddy attempts Dukes of Hazzard style jump (+video)

Jul 12, 2011 | NZPC

Any kid who has ever seen an episode of Dukes of Hazzard has dreamed of flying through the […]

Stock car driver jumps from flaming, moving car (+video)

Jul 8, 2011 | NZPC

Who remembers the old stop, drop and roll tag line that we were taught to do if we […]

Pro drag racer loses steering wheel during rapid run (+video)

Jun 28, 2011 | NZPC

Drag Racing isn’t really a sport where close enough is good enough, at the top levels it’s about […]

Audi prototype racer violently crashes at Le Mans (+video)

Jun 13, 2011 | NZPC

When it comes to top tier endurance racing Audi are the manufacturer to beat, that is unless they […]

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