Jul 17, 2014 | Chris Smith


Following last night’s post with that awesome Kanjo Civic video, we thought we should throw some more rad videos into motion with this post. A great video for fans of Vaughn Gitten JR and video editing alike. Vaughn takes us through how he started and how it began for him as a drifter — the emotions and feelings that make him who he is today as a top drifter in Formula Drift. It’s also pretty well shot, so for all you video buffs, check it out. Read the full story »

Jul 16, 2014 | Chris Smith

For all fans of the Need For Speed franchise, the new Need For Speed movie comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 23. With the movie containing plenty of action scenes and racing scenes, the film is a must-watch for any car or movie buff.

Based around struggling garage owner Tobey Marshall, he drives across the country as he races against time.

With no CGI used and plenty of supercar action, we urge you to pick up a copy from one of these retailers: The WarehouseJB Hi-FiCountdownMighty Ape or check out needforspeed for more information


Jul 16, 2014 | Marcus


Image Credit: thekanjozoku.com

The Osaka Kanjo Racers are the stuff of JDM legend,  for decades these midnight racers have done battle around the outer Osaka highway loop known as the Kanjo. A uniquely Japanese subculture shrouded in secrecy, never before has this form of illegal street racing been showcased to the outside world in such detail.

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Jul 15, 2014 | Lara


Before we start down this explosive, eyebrow-destroying path, let’s state the obvious: using combustion to bead up a tyre is not the ideal way to get the job done; it’s not even a particularly good way, and it should be approached with extreme caution. It is, however, something NZPC gets asked about a lot, and sometimes it might just be your only option. Let’s say you’re at the race track, you’ve had a mint morning out on the circuit at a grassroots drift practice day, the car has been running great, and you’ve been nailing that challenging sweeper. It’s just hit 3pm and there are a couple more sessions left, but you’ve run out of tyres! Luckily, a fellow drifter has some secondhand rubber in the back of his truck you can use, but it’d need to be mounted to your wheels. Without a tyre machine and bead blaster on hand, you’ve only really got one option, especially considering you’re trying to stretch 235s on to 10-inch–wide rims — fire! For this demonstration, we are using a 18×10-inch Work Emotion XD9 and a 235/40R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre.

A big thanks to Alex at Precision Wheels and upcoming Pro-Am driver and all-round handsome devil Ben Jenkins for risking their eyebrows, eyelashes, and nasal hairs to show us how it’s done. Read the full story »

Jul 14, 2014 | NZPC



During a recent visit to HiTech Motorsport in Drury, we were stopped dead in our tracks by this beautiful Toyota AE86 sitting in the corner of the workshop. Owned by customer Charles Rollo, the AE86 is currently undergoing some final preparations for its dyno tune and first shakedown at the track. The immaculate race car is powered by a Nissan SR20DET, which was already fitted when Charles picked it up from Wellington three years ago. “We decided to get a car that was rear-wheel drive,” Charles says. “We also liked the fact that it was a Toyota (our company fleet is mainly Toyota). It was built for the road and had been in a garage for 10 years — the car’s overall condition was very good. We retained the engine, gearbox, diff, rear coilovers and body for the conversion to race car. Read the full story »

Jul 11, 2014 | Lara


While, yes, we predominantly feature high-tech, big-power, turbo Japanese weapons in NZPC magazine, we also have a huge appreciation for the way it used to be — a time when tuning was done with a screwdriver, and a 15-second quarter-mile was blisteringly quick.

Though there’s nothing that can compare to being forcefully jammed into the back of your seat by 30psi of boost, there’s just something unique and alluring about old-school speed, classic quick, vintage velocity — that bark of the exhaust, the roar of open carbs sucking down air at 7000rpm: it’s magic stuff that just can’t quite be replicated with a modern set-up, no matter how many dudes running ITBs try to tell you differently. Read the full story »

Jul 10, 2014 | Lara



As one of New Zealand’s most successful and well-known motorsport exports, Rod Millen should require no introduction to the readers of NZPC. Rod carved out his US-based career and found success in rallying, hill climbing, and off-road racing. During the 1970s and ’80s, Rod had an association with Mazda and raced everything from RX-3s through to turbo Familias. It was also in a Mazda that he began his reign as a serious Pikes Peak competitor; in fact, it was this very FC RX-7 that took him to his first podium, a third in Open class in 1987. Read the full story »

Jul 10, 2014 | Chris Smith


I’ve only just gotten back to New Zealand following a trip to Japan with Daynom Templeman and co for Formula Drift Asia. While I was over there I shot mostly video for the team, but in my spare moments managed to grab some photos of the Offset Kings show too. I was always told about Japan and what to expect, but all the talk really couldn’t prepare me for some of the crazy aspects of the Japanese car culture. I love these cars by all means, however it amazed me the length and extremities in which the Japanese would take their art and push and pursue it further and further. What more impressed me was their lack of care for ‘fake’ or ‘real’ wheels – they’re all cool. Read the full story »