Apr 23, 2014 | Lara


This well-balanced JZX100 is a perfect example of going far, but not too far

It seems that in recent times more and more of the cars in our scene are going to one of two extremes — either very minimally modified, or all out, over-the-top, barely-legal race cars for the road, or simply trailer-only race cars, as is becoming more and more common these days. A valley in between those two extremes has been slowly widening, and though it used to be filled with a huge number of hard core street cars, these days there seem to be fewer populating the gap, as people split one of those two ways: street-legal aesthetics or race-only performance.

Aucklander Philip Hyunh shows that not only are there still cars in that gap, but it remains a viable option in a world where laws are getting tougher, and anything performance related is getting more and more expensive. Philip’s 1998 Toyota Chaser Tourer V strikes the perfect balance — it looks good, it’s alarmingly quick, yet it’s still completely streetable, not to mention comfortable — it’s a true all-rounder.  Read the full story »

Apr 16, 2014 | Lara


With our esteemed leader and Editor in Chief Peter ‘Pedey’ Kelly heading off overseas, an opportunity has opened up here at Parkside Towers within the NZ Performance Car editorial team. Though Pedey keeps banging on about how no one will ever be able to live up to his “writing prowess, kickass driving skills and brutal facial hair”, we can only but try. Do you have the necessary experience, the knowledge and the heart-melting beard to step into his tiny, off-puttingly woman-sized editorial shoes?

We’re looking for a well-connected, senior journalist for the high-profile role of Editor and Brand Manager of the NZ Performance Car stable. This is a rare opportunity for the right person to lead a team with energy and enthusiasm, someone who exudes a passion for one the world’s best modified import scenes. As the figurehead of the brand, you will be a seasoned print journalist already working at a senior level and know what it takes to deliver a world-class special-interest magazine within tight deadlines, month after month.

This isn’t really your average entry level position, so although we’re stoked that your life is all about skids, gating it and Titans with Cennies, the new editor will need to bring an extended and high-quality media network to the position, together with superb people skills, a strong news sense, proven experience with online brand management, great connections with the personalities within the modified import scene, as well as a restless pursuit of world-class, leading-edge media design standards. You will be equally at ease talking to readers, agents and publicists as you are sharing your vision with advertising agencies and internal stakeholders.

Also, as a leader in our senior creative team you will have proven commercial acumen and preferably a minimum of five years’ experience working across several facets of magazines and their complementary online channels, together with managing staff and budgets.

If you have the passion, skills, and experience to manage New Zealand’s best-selling automotive title, and back yourself against the incumbent Assistant Ed. in a Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan–style battle for the top job, respond now with your cover letter and CV to vacancies@parkside.co.nz.

Whatever the outcome of the application process, by advertising the position of Editor we are welcoming the chance to review the available talent pool, and opportunities exist within the team for the right applicant. If you are not successful with your application as Editor, there may be options to explore as Assistant Editor or within the wider editorial pool; so don’t delay, apply now and let us know what you could bring to our team.

Apr 16, 2014 | Lara


To make a car run 10 laps is easy, but to run it for three hours straight is a whole other game

Any typical form of motor sport is a demanding ask on your car, as you push it to the absolute limits of its designed purpose and beyond, in races that usually last around 10 or 15 laps. But take that one step further and attempt to pound a race circuit for three hours, with only one pit stop, and you are dealing with a whole new level of parameters. No longer are you focusing on making a car as fast as your budget will allow, instead factors like reliability and economy come into play. You will have heard that old saying, ‘to finish first, first you must finish’, well it was undoubtedly an enduro racer who came up with it. Read the full story »

Apr 14, 2014 | Lara




The marketplace is filled with too-good-to-be-true deals when it comes to parts for our cars, and unknowing purchasers can find themselves lumped with fake products that can be poorly built and cut into company profits.

Pirated wheels are being targeted by wheel manufacturer BBS to put a stop to fake wheels and their distributors. BBS’ efforts have already managed to put a stop to one international ring of counterfeiters.

Counterfeit products are being found to be sold on well-known online auction sites, and BBS warns that people who buy these products are not only buying a lower quality product, but they could be putting their lives in danger as well. Read the full story »

Apr 14, 2014 | Pedey

And there we have it, the last stop in the NZPC Summer Tour for the 2013/2014 season! Though its safe to say this weekend’s Wellington event well and truly confirmed that summer is over, the rain held out and the cars showed up in their hundreds. Thank you  to all those that came out for the afternoon to say hello, and a huge thumbs up to NAC Insurance for helping us to put on these events each summer, your support is most appreciated! Check out these photos from the day, and keep an eye out for NZPC issue #210, hitting stores April 28, for full coverage!



Read the full story »

Apr 9, 2014 | Lara


High-tech grunt wrapped in rare Japanese tin — Leighton’s RB30DET C110 is a perfect marriage of Nissan power and nostalgia

New Zealanders have long had a love affair with the humble Datsun automobile. For many years, and certainly ever since we staffers can remember, we’ve seen all manner of 1200s, 1600s and the odd 240Z rolling round our fair shores. While it’s true that most of them were clapped-out shitters back in the day — they were many people’s first cars, after all — fortunes have changed for the humble Datsun in recent years. That’s thanks to an increasing scarcity of healthy examples, an explosion of old-school Kiwi car culture, and perhaps a new general worldwide appreciation of all things relating to nostalgic Japanese tin.  Read the full story »

Apr 8, 2014 | Lara


We tap into the wealth of knowledge that PPRE’s head honcho Warren Overton has accumulated; in his 20 years working within the rotary industry, this man has seen it all. If you are looking to purchase second-hand rotary engine parts this is the article you need to read  Read the full story »

Apr 7, 2014 | Lara

IMG_1111 (1)

Local graphic designer Andrew Stewart, from AWS Graphics, has taken out the Falken Tire competition to design the livery for 2011 Formula Drift (FD) champion Dai Yoshihara’s 2014 Subaru BRZ. The entrants were to use Forza 5 to design their livery, and entries had to be submitted by January 31.

The contest brief outlined strict guidelines to be followed, and the contest press release listed what logos to include and a loose brief as to where they should go on the car. “Because of the experience I had working with sponsors I was able to read between the lines and understand what they wanted to produce the winning design,” Stewart later commented in an interview. Read the full story »