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1994 Honda Domani

Over the summer months, photographer and office boozehound Clutch tried to educate Dan and myself on the merits of swappa crates. Apart from doubling as a seat or all-purpose storage device, the crate is also perfect a the messy drinker. According to clutch, it doesn’t matter which crate the empties end up in: for example his favourite drop, Double Brown, can be mixed with bottles of Heineken resulting in a green, brown mix of bottles. No one complains if crates are returned this way, as long as there are 12-bottles, all is well.

Clutch’s crate logic, is also relevant to modifying a car and one person who agrees with it is Whangarei local Mike Templeton. Sure his 1994 Honda Domani isn’t wooden or a crate, but with the number of pieces swapped in and out it, you’d be forgiven for thinking so. But the similarities between Mike and Clutch don’t end there; just as Clutch was buying bottles before he went the crate route, Mike was purchasing Honda parts before he even had a car to put them in. But his plan was not to get happy, it was to modify a Honda Civic EG9 sedan. But sometime during the planning stages, he must have sunk a couple himself, because he ended up parting with his cash and bringing home the Domani. Being a performance front-wheel drive made the car fairly unusual in New Zealand’s drift capital of Whangarei where it seems nearly every second ride is a drift spec rear skidder.

But this didn’t make it unique enough for Mike; he had far bigger plans, not to mention a whole pile of parts waiting to be fitted. The most notable was the rebuilt DC2 Integra B18C engine. While the B18C is nearly as good as it gets in terms of Honda power, Mike decided it would benefit from a bit more poke

While the B18C is nearly as good as it gets in terms of Honda power, Mike decided it would benefit from a bit more poke and undertook a full rebuild. He had no desire to go down the forced induction route, so raising the compression was the easiest way to gain more power

and undertook a full rebuild. He had no desire to go down the forced induction route, so raising the compression was the easiest way to gain more power. To achieve that, Mike sourced Civic Type R pistons to raise compression to a high octane only 11.5:1. Besides the pistons, the rest of the B18C’s bottom end was up to scratch, but was freshened up with new rings, bearings and seals anyway. As with Clutch’s drinking habits, work on the rest of the motor could be called excessive. Starting with a pod filter mounted within a Workshop X carbon fibre air box, oxygen is sucked through a Simota intake pipe before being swallowed by an enlarged throttle body. From there it’s a short journey through the stock intake manifold before the 98 Type R Integra cams and valve springs seal its fate.

Once through the pressure cooker exhaust gases are sent south through Integra Type R headers and a 2.5-inch exhaust with JRS droopy tipped muffler. Of course, without some serious fuel system work those newly replaced pistons would be a melted mess, so Mike revisited the Honda parts stash to sort that out. As a result a DC2 Integra pump hides in the stock tank feeding fuel through stock lines and an adjustable pressure reg before hitting the stock B18C injectors. Getting things moving is a set of Bosch spark plugs and Bosch leads that rely on the brains of a DC2 Integra ECU for orders.

Due to the extra 50kW now being generated in the engine bay, Mike wisely decided to upgrade the stock radiator to a thicker Civic style core. Although the Domani is essentially from the Civic family of cars, they were never marketed as a performance vehicle and never came with such a potent engine combo. Luckily for Mike though, family ties meant the engine could bolt straight in using stock mounts, as could the DC2 Integra gearbox he mated it to. Better still, the DC2 Integra axles worked with the Domani hubs with no issues at all, while an Exedy clutch mixed with a lightened flywheel and feeding through the DC2 LSD, ensures that the only slippage comes from the tyres.

The mix and match build of the car didn’t end there though, as research had shown Mike that suspension from both the Integra and Civic families could be swapped over. As such, DC2 sway bars can now be found on each end, as can Type R strut braces. Although the integra springs and shocks could have been used to get the desired ride height and handling, a set of Bilstein height adjustable coil overs wrapped in Jamex super lows with keepers were chosen instead. Attached to the Domani hubs are now larger DC2 Integra callipers complete with J’s racing hard-compound pads. Most people would see this as enough of an upgrade, but not Mike; he also fitted Integra rear callipers and discs.

With so many goodies on the inside, it should come as no surprise that the exterior also saw its share of blood, sweat and tears. Being friendly with the lads at Workshop X paid off after it was discovered there were no decent front bumpers to be had, meaning one had to be built. James from WSX adapted a C-West bumper originally intended for an EK Civic and also grafted on Online Motorsport Civic side skirts and a matching rear lip.

Sure 18s or even 19s may have fitted under the arches, but they would have thrown out the balanced look. Instead Mike opted for 17×7-inch Advanti Nitros wrapped in 205/40R17 rubber.

Mike then removed the original aerial and boot lock before Krystal Klear Car Painters coated the whole package in PPG silver. Aiding the slick exterior look are 35 per cent tints all around, clear side repeaters on the front guards and perfectly suited wheels. Sure 18s or even 19s may have fitted under the arches, but they would have thrown out the balanced look. Instead Mike opted for 17×7-inch Advanti Nitros wrapped in 205/40R17 rubber, which fills the gap perfectly.

Speaking of gaps, the interior of the car was beginning to look a little bare. But this was easily sorted with installation of 2000 Integra Type R Recaro front seats and an EG9 Civic twin-seat rear. With the fabric now clashing with the stock door trims Mike decided that rather than re-trimming he would modify the doors to match the slick outside appearance of the car. While doing this PPG silver was also applied to various other parts of the interior to liven it up somewhat Adding colour is the reprinted silver 240kph and 11,000RPM tacho (to which the original gauges were recalibrated), while AutoMeter oil pressure and air/fuel ratio gauges fight for attention in the custom gauge pod.

In-car entertainment comes from a VDO Dayton 4403 headunit, which sings through JBL front and VDO rear speakers.

GETOLO has had lots of parts come and go, had a few breakages and many of its innards, in theory, shouldn’t be there at all. But while our photographer’s good times generally last only a night, Mike’s party has been going for three years now. However, even the staunchest party animal has to take a breather, and by the time you read this, Mike will likely have swapped GETOLO for another venue.


1994 Honda Domani

Engine: B18c, (JDM DC2 integra) Civic type R pistons, new rings, bearings and seals, 98 spec integra type R cams and valve springs, WSX carbon fibre cold air box, Simota pipe and filter, enlarged throttle body, DC2 Integra fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge, Bosch 8mm leads, Bosch super 4 spark plugs, Type R stainless headers (heat wrapped), 2.5-inch steel exhaust, Coby, JRS muffler with drop tip, SIR civic radiator, DC2
integra computer.

Driveline: Factory DC2 Integra gearbox, Lightened flywheel, Exedy heavy duty clutch, standard LSD, DC2 Integra drive shafts

Suspension: Bilstein circlip height adjustable shocks, Jamex springs with keepers, DC2 sway bars front and rear, type R front strut brace, custom rear strut brace

Brakes: DBA drilled/slotted rotors, DC2 Integra callipers, J’s racing pads, Rear DC2 Integra discs and callipers

Wheels and Tyres: 17×7-inch Advanti racing Nitros, 205/40R17 Nankang NS2

Exterior: Custom made C-west front bumper, online side skirts, online rear lip, all fitted by James @ Workshop X, Aerial and boot lock filled, full re-spray in PPG silver by Scott @ Krystal Klear Car Painters, 35% tints, clear side indicators

Interior: 2000 integra type R front Recaros, EG9 civic 2 person rear seats, Type R steering wheel, trust gear knob, Autometer air fuel ratio meter, Autometer oil pressure gauge, custom gauge pod, reprinted factory gauges in silver with 240km speedo and 11000 rpm tacho, Door inserts and other interior panels painted silver

I.C.E/Audio: VDO Dayton 4403 head unit, JBL 6-inch front components, VDO Dayton 6×9 (rear)

Performance: 0-400m: 14.4sec

Driver Profile

Michael Templeton

Age: 23

Occupation: Auto electrician

Previously Owned Cars: 86 Mazda 323, 89 DA6 Integra, 92 EG6 Civic, 82 Starlet, 81 Suzuki little van, 89 GT Legacy, 90 Toyota Levin, 87 B2000 ute, 94 DC2 Integra

Dream Car: RR phantom

Why the Domani? Something different, but still able to bolt on many different Honda parts

Build time: 3 years

Length of ownership: 3 years

Jordan thanks: James the fibreglass magician  @ WorkshopX 09 4307555, Scott @ Krystal Klear Car Painters 09 4596668, Rick and the boys @ Whangarei Instruments 094383063, Brad @ Custom Paint Shop 09 4375916 www.custompaint.co.nz, Tania, Cory, Bung, Justin, and all the Whangas boys for your on-going support

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Skoda Fabia S2000 fq track

Å koda Auto has started testing the first prototype of the Å koda Fabia Super 2000. Designed to be used in the Super 2000 category, the vehicle is based on the second-generation Fabia and, in compliance with the FIA regulations, is equipped with a two-litre atmospheric four-cylinder petrol engine, a six-speed sequential transmission and a four-wheel drive system with three mechanical differentials.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Å koda Auto BOD Member responsible for technological development, said: “We are glad to have started testing the Fabia Super 2000. This year we are planning to optimise and certify the vehicle so that we can use it on both national and international levels. When exactly will the vehicle be released for competition use will depend on the achieved progress, relevant test results and the final certification. Then we are also planning to offer the vehicle to private teams. Based on a customer service arrangement, further development work on the vehicle will be done in close cooperation with our importers worldwide”.

Feb 14, 2008 | NZPC

toyota sprint series

a fully-tuned and kitted 1990s-vintage Supra? The speed and handling potential of contemporary and classic Toyota models will be put to the test when they go head to head in a new motorsport challenge, the Toyota Sprint Series 2008.

Toyota in the UK has signed up as leading sponsor of the series, designed to give Toyota enthusiasts an exciting and affordable first step into motor sport. A provisional calendar of five events will get under way in March, open to experienced, intermediate and novice drivers.

Honours will be fought for in up to 10 classes, covering the complete spectrum of performance, from diesels and sub-1600cc cars to fully modified and tuned machines. Throughout the season driver points will be awarded in each class, so any driver has the potential to become overall champion. The basic principle of a sprint is for each competitor to complete a timed run, rather than to qualify and race side by side as in other forms of circuit motor sport.

The series is the brainchild of Barry Cross and Adrian Smith, who share a passion for Toyota cars and motorsport. They have joined forces with Javelin Trackdays to design and launch the competition, encouraged by the success of a one-off event in October. They are hopeful tuning and aftermarket companies will be keen to support the championship to show what they can offer Toyota owners, and that the open nature of the series will encourage a healthy entry list.

“It’s our aim to create a great championship that will help further the tuning scene in the UK,” they said. “We have brought together a professional team that will provide enthusiasts with an exciting, enjoyable, friendly and affordable sporting experience.”

Let’s hope we can get more manufacturer support like this for series in New Zealand

Feb 14, 2008 | NZPC

nissan 2008 GT-R

It must have really annoyed Nissan that the GT-R didn’t beat the Porsche 911 GT3 around Nürburgring, so rumour is that a V-Spec (Victory Specification) is in the works. Think larger rear wing and other aerodynamic modifications, stripped-out interior, more power, bigger brakes, wider wheels and tyres, and even finer control from the differential.

It could produce as much as 550hp/410kW, and weigh 150kg less than standard. The target at Nürburgring is less than seven minutes and 25 seconds, to take the circuit record (well, excluding the Radical SR8 which was technically road legal). Expect to pay at least another NZ$50,000 on top of the base price.

Feb 14, 2008 | NZPC

Due to issues and timing from the Japan series, the D1 Grand Prix USA series is being cancelled for the 2008 year. After a successful championship event last November at Irwindale Speedway, they vigorously attempted to launch the 2008 U.S. series but have been unable to due to Japan’s delay on decisions and their focus on the Japan series. Their goal is to continue elevating and expanding the drift culture to the world, but at this time the official word from Japan is to focus on the Japan series for 2008.

It has been formally decided not to hold an event series in the U.S. but the “All Star World Championship” in November at Irwindale speedway is still scheduled to take place. A points series will return for 2009.

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Age: 19

Occupation: Assistant Manager

So what are you driving? Just a little Nissan Pulsar

Best childhood memory? Going on Top of the Pops in London with my sister! We got selected out of 200 people to go back stage and meet all the stars!

Are you a summer or winter girl? Summer girl definitely! But I love falling asleep to the sound of rain!

Do you have any hidden talents? Ummm, I think I’m pretty funny!

What’s your biggest secret? How I got the scar on my chin

Well, so how did you get it then? Well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you would it?

Most embarrassing moment? I once did a nude photo shoot posing as Aphrodite for my sisters University assignment. It didn’t bother me too much except it got shot in public gardens. Everything was low key and I had a friend watching out in case anyone came. Next thing I know there’s loud noise and a huge truck coming through the brushes. I had to sprint naked to the car where my clothes were about eight metres away!.but I guess that was more funny than embarrassing!

So how did you enjoy your NZPC cover shoot? It was so much fun! Except when they thought it was the biggest laugh to keep shining the reflector in my eyes! Nah! it was awesome (laughs)

You got a dream car? It would have to be a pink Honda S2000 — like the one on 2Fast 2Furious, that’s hot!

If you had a choice — drag Skyline or drift Silvia what would you rather be seen it? I’d probably rather drift then drag!but I don’t like Silvias, sorry!

Blingin’ chrome or lightweight carbon? I’ll take the chrome

Big-body Benz on 20”s or 500hp Lancer Evolution? Ummm! that’s a tuffy. I think I’d take the Evo though.

Do you have a side that’s not so innocent? Of course.

What gives you pleasure in life? Laughing!

What’s a typical Friday night out for you? Hitting the d-floor and dancing my ass off till 7am!

You must cause a bit of a stir when you hit the clubs? Don’t ask!

How does a guy go about becoming Mr Kerryn? By being genuine would be a good start.

Ugly rich guy or poor broke hot guy? As long as poor broke hot guy makes me laugh it wouldn’t matter what his financial position is, I make my own money.

We recently saw you dressed in coconuts! is that normal for you? No, I only bring them out for special occasions! Nah!I’m kidding. They were actually a last minute costume!I was supposed to be dressed up as the devil but the coconuts were too funny to pass up!

What is your greatest ambition? I guess just to be happy and successful in whatever I do.

You must have been stoked to win Miss Auto Salon? Hell yeah! I was shocked because I was up against some real hot competition.

You’ve been doing a bit of modelling, where can we expect to see you next? It’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment so you’ll have to keep an eye out for me!

Elwood green track top — Route 66, Green Juicy Tracksuit — Space Suit $89.00, Paris Texas, Sugar Molly Jeans — www.hotice.co.nz, Bunny Puffa jacket — Space Suit $148.00, White belt/ skate shoes — Allure

Photos – Jared Clark
Make up — Evana Patterson
Styling — Amanda Carter @ Allure
Model — Kerryn @ Allure Promotions
Cover — Bikinis from Brazilclothing.com

Get your own photoshoot by the professional team at Parkside. Click here to find out more.

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toyota crown rs46 wagon

The old-school styles are coming back in Japan. Enkei has relaunched five of its 70s-era wheels: the Dish (pictured above), the Baja I & II, the Mojave and the 5-Spoke. More details can be found here. Prices start at about Y29,000ea up to Y39,800 for the Mohaves and they come in suitably low-offset dished sizes up to 10in wide. The Mojave is a 6-stud pattern; the rest are 5-stud.

Feb 13, 2008 | NZPC

speed racer

A mobile game based on the forthcoming movie Speed Racer, a high-octane family adventure by the Wachowski brothers, creators of the The Matrix trilogy will be available for your mobile in late April.

“The Speed Racer film features key elements that make a great mobile game speed, adventure, exciting characters and storyline,” said Jill Braff, senior vice president of global publishing, Glu. “As buzz builds for the upcoming film, we’re excited to bring a truly engaging game based on this highly anticipated film to the mobile phone.”

Wellington’s Sidhe Interactive is doing the game production.

Speed Racer follows the adventures of the young race car driver Speed in his quest for glory in his thunderous Mach 5. Based on the classic series created by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida, the live-action Speed Racer will be packed with effects like other Wachowski Brothers films. It opens in U.S. theaters on May 9.