Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC


Name: Vicky

Age: 21

Occupation: I work for cosmetics company as a marketing assistant (laughs). Lots of free stuff, if you’re into lipsticks, it’s pretty cool.

What are you driving? A Mazda! a red one.

Red because it’s faster? Na, I think I look better in red a car — I’m fully accessorised

What is your best childhood memory? Um! I don’t know. I guess being taken to Disneyland, that was pretty cool.

Do you have any hidden talents? I’m really good at catching lollies in my mouth!

How did you discover that? You know how you throw peanuts up in the air and catch them, I’ve aced it, I’ve mastered the catch and can do it every time.

Any incidences of choking? Yes, one got lodged in there!

And that didn’t scare you off? It made me stop and think for a while, but you know. I got right back into it.

So what’s the best type of lolly to catch in your mouth? Um, anything that’s similar to a peanut M&Ms. Popcorn is good as well as being light you get more 'hang-time’ to catch it.

What’s your biggest secret? Well I can’t tell you that. It wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

Any hints? Um, no. No hints; people are going to read this.

How about your most embarrassing moment? My most embarrassing moment hmm! I have to think about that. It would have probably been falling over somewhere.

Drinking accident? Yeah, there’s been a few of them; coming out of a bar and falling over, that was pretty embarrassing.

Any broken bones from drinking? No, none yet!

How did you enjoy your NZPC cover shoot? It was cool, everyone was very nice. It was a tad cold though.

Did the boys know what they were doing? Yeah, Quinn did (laughs).

You’ve been on the cover of NZPC once before as well? Yes, once before. I guess I’m lucky to be on twice.

What would your dream car be? It used to be a Lamborghini, that’s what I said last time I was here, but now it would be a classic Porsche.

So that’s just from being older and wiser? Yeah, I guess so and it’s a bit smaller too. It would have to be black though, with a tan interior.

So chrome or carbon? Chrome.

Style rather than speed? Um, yes, I think so, but I’d still like a grunty car.

Have you got a side that’s not so innocent? Um, no (laughs)! it’s all very innocent.

This from the girl who falls over outside pubs? I went to an all girl’s Catholic school (laughs). No, all innocent (laughs).

What gives you pleasure in life? Well! I like summer. I’m miserable in winter.

What’s a typical night out for you? It would be getting ready with my friends and going and having a few drinks. We never really plan anything, just see what happens. The best nights are the unplanned ones. I like to dance, so I’ve always got my dancing shoes on.

What is your greatest ambition? Um, my greatest ambition is to be successful in my career, which I don’t really know what it is yet. I’m not really too ambitious at the mo. I’m happy to go with the flow, but if I’m still ticking along at 25, I may have to re-evaluate, but it’s okay for now.

How did you get in to modelling? I was doing promos for NZPC, and they asked me if I wanted to be on the cover and that was fine. Then just doing promo stuff and now I’m here again.

You’re actually the 'Drag Strip’ (NZPC clothing) girl aren’t you? Yes, but I never actually wore those, they superimposed them. I never put those on, they must have cut it and done it. I just came here after work one day and put some clothes on, but not those. Then I saw the photos and it was like hey, that’s me, but I don’t remember wearing those. It was great showing Mum and Dad that one!

So do people recognise you from being in the mag? They did the first time — I was so surprised. When a couple of mechanics came up to me and said “Hey we’ve got you on our wall” I was like, eeew, can you take that down, I don’t know you.

So it weirds you out a bit then? Um! yep, it does seem a little weird. It’s flattering for sure, but I honestly didn’t think so many people would recognise me as did.

You’re bound to be noticed again! Lets see. See if they notice it’s the second time I’ve done it. I had darker hair last time and it was wavier, so they might not.

What’s your ideal guy? Ha ha, oh no! Okay, I like nice guys, but they have to have an edge to them as well. Nice to me, but naughty to everyone else. They have to have style. It doesn’t have to be the style of the moment, but their own style. I like them to have a good sense of humour, to be funny. If they can make me laugh, then that’s good! Um, then there’s the feet. I said this last time, but I’ve always had an issue with feet, anyone’s feet, I like nice feet! A tattoo usually helps too.

Anywhere in particular? Um, not really, just not on the face and I like them to be a little rugged rather than clean cut. So rugged, naughty boys that are nice to me are ideal.

Are you single at the mo? Ah no, I’m not.

So does your boy measure up? Um!ha ha ha ha, he’s so perfect (laughs) I have to be nice here, he’s great.

So Dan wasted all that money on pedicures for his feet? (laughs) Yeah, sorry Dan.


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Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

I have a Honda Integra Type R that I brought in from Japan earlier this year. The car had a Recaro driver’s race seat, a half cage, Tein coil-overs and a few engine mods. I had to get the thing certed when it went through the VIN, which was all good. I use the car everyday and take it down to Pukekohe at every opportunity I can for a hard fang (only place to do it!). As such, to make it a little safer, I got myself an expensive Sabelt harness seat belt (three-inch straps, FIA approved, etc). Therein lies my problem. I got ticketed the other day for not wearing a seat belt. Don’t get me wrong I was wearing a belt (my race harness), but apparently this is illegal? The cop told me that those belts aren’t allowed in the car and I should have been wearing the factory one, which I also have left installed. Is he right? If so, I find it hard to believe that my FIA-spec Sabelt harness would provide less safety than the factory diagonal belt! Maybe he was just pissed that he couldn’t ping me on anything else! Hope you can shed some light.

Cheers, Mark Nunn

Sadly for you Mark, the cop is right! Hard to get your head around that law, isn’t it? For years, LVVTA has discussed this issue with Land Transport New Zealand, extolling the significant safety benefits of a full harness belt. We’ve been able to achieve a partial relaxation, in that full-harness belts can now be legally fitted to, and worn in, bonafide motor-sport vehicles that have been issued with an LVV Authority Card from MotorSport New Zealand (have to have a competition licence and logbook, etc), and also for single-row seating scratch-built vehicles like AC Cobra and Lotus 7 replicas. We’ve yet to convince them that a full-harness should be used in road-going production cars like your Type-R. Land Transport’s concerns include: the driver being able to properly reach all of the vehicle controls, being able to see to the right and behind at Y-intersections and, most importantly, whether people would perhaps not wear them (or not wear them properly adjusted) because of the extra hassle in doing them up compared to a conventional lap and diagonal retractor belt. We’ll keep chipping away at them, but don’t count on anything!


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

This might be a dumb question, but I have been curious for a while about why motorbikes can rev so high, and not cars? My neighbour has a wicked bike, a Honda CBR900 Fireblade, and that thing can rev its nuts off. How come my FX only revs to 7500rpm and then hits the limit?

FuriousFX — Auckland

Most motorcycle engines are built a lot better than car engines — plus they’re generally of a smaller displacement, meaning they possess less torque. Having less rotating mass gives them the ability to as you say 'rev their nuts off’. I have a little four-cylinder Suzuki 250cc engine that I’ve turbocharged and have running on alcohol. This engine revs to 18,000rpm but has no power under 10,000rpm. I’m not fitting this one into my lawnmower! but I’m tempted!


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

I have a Honda Civic SiR with a few mods. I drive the car everyday to work, but have noticed it is starting to run funny in the mornings. Instead of keeping a good idle, it seems to rise up and then almost stall. Sometimes it seems like it is only holding 100rpm and the whole car shakes! After about 15 minutes it goes away, so I’m guessing it might have something to do with being cold? The funny thing is I have owned the car for around three years and this seems to be a new problem, so I’m wondering if a sensor or something might be f**ked? If you have any suggestions of where I should start looking that would be cool! Wicked mag! it’s my bible!


I would say you’re correct as far a sensor goes. Without looking at it, I’d first be looking at the ECU water temperature sensor or cold start bypass for idle up. You can do a diagnosis test by counting how many times the LED lights flash on the ECU box. Search the net for the codes based on your ECU and how to extract them.


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

Hi guys! Just got a quick question for you regarding engines: I have been offered (for a very good price) a complete RB26DETT engine with computer, loom, etc. My friend was going to put it in his GTS-t, but has now lost interest with the project and is selling stuff off. He got the engine from a wrecker a couple of years back, so it’s out of warranty, which worries me a little. I have heard that these engines cost big $ if stuff goes wrong? I want to know is if there are any checks I can make to the engine to see what sort of condition it’s in without having it running? Apparently, the engine came out of a running car with rear damage, but that’s just the wrecker’s word. I have looked inside the oil cap and it seems pretty clean, but I really don’t want to be stuck with a lemon!

Thanks, Craig — Manukau

You’re dead right; they certainly are not cheap to repair! Your best option would be to have a leak-down test performed on the engine, which will give a good idea of compression ratios, and valve and head gasket condition, etc. It takes five minutes to do, so it’s well worth having done.


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

I just bought myself a ’94 Integra VTiR, which I love! My last car was a Civic VTi, so this is a big step up for me going to an 1800cc DOHC VTEC engine, but now I’m ready to do a little playing. I have a budget of around $2500 – $3000 to spend on the engine (including making it look a bit better) and am wondering what you recommend I do? The car is completely stock, so I’m working with a 100 per cent blank canvas, so to speak. Any help would be great! Hope to have my car in the mag one day soon.

Cheers, Danny T.

Honda’s DOHC VTEC engines give really good returns in the power department for good mods. I would suggest going for a decent set of headers, a good air filter, under-drive pulleys, oversized throttle body and perhaps a VTEC controller. These mods along with a lightweight flywheel to help it rev quick should take care of your budget.


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

I own a Subaru WRX Type RA with the normal mods: HKS pod filter, three-inch exhaust and a Blitz blow-off valve. I took a friend of mine for a drive the other day and he said he could hear it detonating when it came on boost. I run the car on 96, as it’s all they have where I live and I’m wondering if that could be the problem? What is detonation anyway? I have been driving the car around like this for about a year and haven’t had any problems yet. I just want to check, as I don’t want to end up doing any major engine repairs if I can help it. Any information you could give me would be appreciated.

Tom — Southland

Detonation is like hitting your piston with a gas torch! Basically it increases cylinder temperatures to the point of melt down. This can come from poor quality fuel, too much advanced timing or high intake temperatures. Subaru boxer motors aren’t all that quiet, so it maybe quite hard to hear, so you’d be best to see someone with a knock sensor to check your concerns. It’s not uncommon to see tuned import performance cars come into the country with modified ECUs and sometimes these can be the cause of the problem. It’s not because they are crap, its because they have been set up to run on high octane (100+) fuel that is available off the pump in Japan, but not in New Zealand. Water injection is one way you can alleviate detonation issues, as will a custom rewritten ECU in many cases.


Feb 18, 2008 | NZPC

Watch the marshal run for cover as the GAS Celica crashes hard into the wall. The good news is that it’ll be back in time for Import All Stars on 29 March. The team are busy repairing the front that took a heavy hit at the Summernats 08.

We’ve found an interview with the driver of the GAS Celica talking about the car. Click here to listen to it in MP3 format.