Oct 17, 2014 | Marcus


The World Time Attack Challenge is now under way at Sydney Motorsport Park. If you’re not lucky enough to be there in person watching the action unfold, don’t worry the guys at WTAC are live streaming the entire event.

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Oct 16, 2014 | Chris Smith


Getting out on your local track at the weekend is a great way to blow off some steam, forget the stresses of life, and find some fun that you just couldn’t have on a public road. It’s one of the greatest parts of car culture, and no matter whether you’re 16 or 80, if you’re throwing it in sideways or searching for every last split second, you’ll have a ball. Read the full story »

Oct 15, 2014 | Marcus


It’s been two years since the first Red Bull Drift Shifters hit Auckland CBD. The brain child of ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett, the event removes the judging element of drifting and uses a pinball-style track equipped with a complex sensor system to score each run on speed, angle, and proximity. The concept was a world first in 2012, and a combination of a short three-hour event, zero dead-track time, with a points scoring system displayed in real time, made Red Bull Drift Shifters an instant classic. Read the full story »

Oct 13, 2014 | Rene Vermeer


Volvo Introduces Triple Boost Technology

Nowadays it seems everything is enhanced with a V8 conversion. Many drift cars and race cars are opting for large capacity eight-cylinder engines for greater reliability and a wider torque band. For emissions, however, it is the opposite — car manufacturers are opting for small capacity four-cylinder turbocharged engines, and Volvo is bringing their own creation into the mix. Three decades ago, Volvo were pioneers in racing with the Volvo 240 which used a 2100cc turbocharged engine producing 320hp (238kW); enough to bring them victory in numerous DTM events. So how could you have a four-cylinder turbo that has the same characteristics as a V8? Volvo finally has the answer.  Read the full story »

Oct 10, 2014 | Rene Vermeer


We review (thrash) the latest Subaru WRX STI

Things had been going a touch loopy in the NZPC office during the lead-up weeks to being given the latest Subaru WRX STI. We had been having dreams of all things 555 blue, rally victories, and grumbling turbo boxers — it’s safe to say that when we finally received the keys, we didn’t leave the driver’s seat.  Read the full story »

Oct 7, 2014 | Marcus


The team here at New Zealand Performance are doing a few things differently this summer, and to kick off we will begin with welcoming Darren Kelly to the NZPC team joining us as a driver. We have a few other driver announcements to come. We have been following Darren’s drifting career over the past four years as he worked his way up the ranks to become D1NZ ProAm champion in the 2012/2013 season.  Read the full story »

Oct 4, 2014 | Marcus



Welcome to the Weekend Workshop, a place where you can save some cash by getting your hands dirty. These tech guides aim to arm you with the necessary info and knowledge to get out there and give it a go yourself, with no professionals needed, and at a price tag that won’t break the bank. This month we delve into MIG welding an exhaust system. Nothing too fancy, just a basic mild-steel three-inch exhaust system found on many of your more common builds. For this Weekend Workshop we will follow the team at TTT Auto Engineering as they build a three-inch system on a 13B turbo RX-3, using mufflers from Adrenalin R. But you can take the skills shown here and apply them to any exhaust build, no matter what size or application. Read the full story »

Oct 3, 2014 | Lara

Ewen Gilmore and GT Radial Limo

Just like many Kiwis around the country, our Friday morning’s had a turn for the worst when we got the news our mate Ewen Gilmour passed away suddenly overnight.

As you may recall, Gilmour had a ‘Westie’ column in every issue of NZ Performance Car for many years, and in our 200th issue not so long ago, we got him back. Here’s the 200th article for you to check out and a few from the archives to read and remember the great Kiwi comedian:


After years of absence, Ewen Gilmour makes a triumphant return to help us celebrate for issue #200

So much has changed in the many years since my time writing for NZ Performance Car magazine — gone is the 12-CD stacker and the CD holders rattling around in the back seat, in fact gone is the CD entirely, replaced by the iPod or the USB. I now have 8000 songs on one little plug-in, carry-in-my-pocket, pick-your-colour device. Cars no longer have an ashtray for everyone, no more ciggy lighters you could drop a little nugget on and suck up through a glass milk bottle with the bottom cut out of it, now cars have a power outlet and milk comes in thrice-coated plastic containers.

Oh and there’s no doubt I’ve changed over the years too, but I still love petrol-driven vehicles and everything automotive. I probably drive more than I used to — last year I covered off over 50,000km, though I can’t be sure because I’m driving an American van, and it’s all in miles, so by the time I work out how far the next town is, I’m there. Read the full story »