Oct 7, 2014 | Marcus


The team here at New Zealand Performance are doing a few things differently this summer, and to kick off we will begin with welcoming Darren Kelly to the NZPC team joining us as a driver. We have a few other driver announcements to come. We have been following Darren’s drifting career over the past four years as he worked his way up the ranks to become D1NZ ProAm champion in the 2012/2013 season.  Read the full story »

Oct 4, 2014 | Marcus



Welcome to the Weekend Workshop, a place where you can save some cash by getting your hands dirty. These tech guides aim to arm you with the necessary info and knowledge to get out there and give it a go yourself, with no professionals needed, and at a price tag that won’t break the bank. This month we delve into MIG welding an exhaust system. Nothing too fancy, just a basic mild-steel three-inch exhaust system found on many of your more common builds. For this Weekend Workshop we will follow the team at TTT Auto Engineering as they build a three-inch system on a 13B turbo RX-3, using mufflers from Adrenalin R. But you can take the skills shown here and apply them to any exhaust build, no matter what size or application. Read the full story »

Oct 3, 2014 | Lara

Ewen Gilmore and GT Radial Limo

Just like many Kiwis around the country, our Friday morning’s had a turn for the worst when we got the news our mate Ewen Gilmour passed away suddenly overnight.

As you may recall, Gilmour had a ‘Westie’ column in every issue of NZ Performance Car for many years, and in our 200th issue not so long ago, we got him back. Here’s the 200th article for you to check out and a few from the archives to read and remember the great Kiwi comedian:


After years of absence, Ewen Gilmour makes a triumphant return to help us celebrate for issue #200

So much has changed in the many years since my time writing for NZ Performance Car magazine — gone is the 12-CD stacker and the CD holders rattling around in the back seat, in fact gone is the CD entirely, replaced by the iPod or the USB. I now have 8000 songs on one little plug-in, carry-in-my-pocket, pick-your-colour device. Cars no longer have an ashtray for everyone, no more ciggy lighters you could drop a little nugget on and suck up through a glass milk bottle with the bottom cut out of it, now cars have a power outlet and milk comes in thrice-coated plastic containers.

Oh and there’s no doubt I’ve changed over the years too, but I still love petrol-driven vehicles and everything automotive. I probably drive more than I used to — last year I covered off over 50,000km, though I can’t be sure because I’m driving an American van, and it’s all in miles, so by the time I work out how far the next town is, I’m there. Read the full story »

Oct 2, 2014 | Marcus

If you haven’t seen an episode of Roadkill on YouTube before and you have a love of cars, then you’re missing out. The hugely popular YouTube show follows two editors from Hot Rod Magazine as they attempt often ridiculous feats in cars that are often built straight from the junkyard in only a few days. In this episode, Subaru USA hand over the keys to a 2014 Legacy and Legacy R to pit against a few Roadkill machines from past episodes. Can the Legacy win against some junkyard trash? Check out the video to find out.

Sep 30, 2014 | Marcus


We all know the team at RIPS Racing can put together a stout drag car, but when we heard it had just put the finishing touches on a six-month build of a circuit-spec R32 GT-R for a Canadian customer, we just had to take a closer look before it’s shipped off overseas to its owner Read the full story »

Sep 29, 2014 | Marcus


With the 2014–’15 Demon Energy D1NZ NZ Drifting Championship kicking off this weekend at Manfeild, we stopped by The Wrap Shop on Auckland’s North Shore to catch Adam and Joel Hedges from C’s Garage who were busy putting the finishing touches to the new-look cars for the new season. Read the full story »

Sep 25, 2014 | Marcus

Professional Formula Drift driver Ryan Tuerck’s Network A show Tuerck’d is back for a third season of mostly petrol-fuelled antics. In this episode he tears up the Dirtfish Rally school with Nate Hamilton, competes in Round 5 of Formula D at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle and absolutely tears apart the Pat’s Acres Racing Complex with a bunch of Formula Drift drivers. Pat’s Acres is a carting track that also hosts the odd drifting event, it’s tight, technical, and perfect for playing something Ryan and his ‘homies’ call Drift kickball. What is Drift kickball? You will just have to watch the video to find out.

Read the full story »

Sep 24, 2014 | NZPC

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It’s shaping up to be a big weekend on November 8–9 with two big calendar events on at opposite ends of the country.

Up in Auckland Big Boys Toys will be taking over ASB Showgrounds, while down in Nelson the V 4&Rotary South Island Champs will be held at Motueka Dragway and Saxton Stadium.

All you have to do to get yourself a free double pass to either of these big events is subscribe to NZ Performance Car for 12 months or longer. Read the full story »