Toyota reveals amazing 3D carbon fibre loom (+video)

January 20th, 2011 by NZPC

Do you love carbon fibre? Who doesn’t right, it’s five times stronger than steel and four times lighter what a miracle of technology. It turns out that Toyota is pretty keen on carbon fibre too and to prove it to the world it has released a video showing for the first time their space-age carbon fibre loom.

Usually we’d leave this sort of thing to those who like watching Mega Structures on TV and doing maths for fun but this is some amazing stuff. The clip gives a glimpse of the machine Toyota uses to weave its more tricky carbon fibre components like the various body parts of the new Lexus LFA supercar. The parts produce are more crucial than just the boot spoiler and even include the A-pillars.

Toyota was able to build those components thanks to the high-tech loom’s ability to weave the carbon fibre in three dimensions and create true 3D objects. The Japanese carmaker plans to use this carbon fibre loom to build various other components that will help bring down the weight of its high end models, which in turn will increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption.

Apparently, Toyota didn’t really want to show this clip, because of fears it would reveal some of its secrets. So don’t be stink and go building a 3D carbon fibre weaving loom in your back yard.

Check out the clip below of the loom creating parts for the Lexus LFA supercar and see exactly why the LFA costs half a million bucks.