Top 10 car nicknames revealed

March 18th, 2009 by NZPC


Many of us have called our cars by a nickname at some point, perhaps inspired the vehicles colour like ‘Big Red’, or even it’s condition like ‘Rusty Piece of S**t’. But it’s difficult to know what the most common nicknames are, and that’s when we need some organisation to run a meaningless survey in a bid for publicity. On this occasion British vehicle check company HPI has obliged with a new study which notes that fully 50% of its customers give their cars a nickname, with 40% female names, 27% male names and 33% everything else.

In the recent study, Bessey took top honours as the most popular car nickname. There were plenty of semi-predictable names on the list like Speedie, Beauty and the Love Machine, but there were a couple of oddball finalists, as well. You have to wonder who are all these people that name their vehicle Boomzilla. Check out the full list below.

Top Ten Car Nicknames

1. Bessey
2. Casper
3. Lucky
4. Love Machine
5. Beauty
6. Muscles
7. Buster
8. Speedie
9. Moocher
10. Boomzilla