Vicious spectator brown-eye causes Rally NZ crash (+video)

May 17th, 2010 by NZPC

The recently held Rally of NZ was an awesome event, there was a very special stage in Auckland Domain, and hard fought racing on beautiful kiwi roads. One incident that wasn’t so beautiful was the vicious but perfectly-timed brown-eye pulled by one local spectator. The helpless victim of this nasty crime was NZ driver Mark Tapper and his WRC Mitsubishi Evo rally car. Neither will be the same again.

Tapper who was seriously distracted lost control of his Evo, hit the barrier and ended up on the roof. The drivers comments immediately after the crash are crazy funny but not suitable for work. You can see the white bottom that kicked it all off 33 seconds into the clip.

It’s pretty ‘stink’ what happened to Tapper, but you absolutely must check out the video by clicking the link below.