Mike Bradley’s HD2 Racing EVO joins the 7 second club

November 26th, 2012 by Marcus

Photo thanks to Popeye Pics

In what was the HD2 Racing Evo’s first ever full-power pass, Mike Bradley peddled the Mitsubishi into the sevens with a 7.87@169MPH. The first meeting this season for the Evo saw the debut of a new engine thanks to Auckland-based Engine Rebuilders. The HD2 team also flew over Bill Naban from Mazsport in Australia to tune the car. “I’ve run about 20 passes in the car and each and every time it cutout due to flooding or an electrical problem, but we are on top of it now”, Mike explained to NZPC. During Saturday’s test and tune at Fram Autolite Dragway, the car rolled off the trailer and on low boost ran 8.5, then during Sunday’s Spring Nationals a switch to high boost saw a new PB of 7.87@169 run. “Now we are on top of the problems I will focus on getting seat time and learning to drive it. We will probably stay the rest of this season with the current tune, I will be happy to run high 7’s and low eights, although there is still plenty of power left in it, we won’t up the tune for some time”, Mike says. Mike would like to thank Mazsport Racing, Bam from Bam’s, Engine Rebuilders, Paul from NZ Performance, Warren from MGN, Wong’s Kitchen, Sparktech Ignition, Redline Performance, Lauren and Christy for all their help