V 4&Rotary Nationals online entries open

November 16th, 2012 by Marcus

Online entry forms are now open for both individuals and car clubs for next year’s V 4&Rotary Nationals. If you wish to enter as a club you will need a minimum of five cars, but the best bit about this is that you can enter everyone at once, rather than having to rely on everyone to do their own entries, thus ensuring your entire club is placed together. However, individual entries are also open. Both can be found on www.4androtary.co.nz, and you will need a credit card on hand to make a booking. If you are building something pretty special and would like to unveil the car as one of the features at the show, contact azhar@4androtary.co.nz to discuss this further. With just over two months until the biggest show of the year you are best not to wait too long just in case the halls reach capacity.