Cover Girl – Vicki Lee – Issue 129

August 6th, 2007 by NZPC

vicki lee


Age: 23
Occupation: Admin/Model

Hi Vicky, looking ravishing today as per usual. Just to start off, there are probably a few guys saying to themselves, “Where do I know that chick from?” Please, enlighten us.

Well, I’ve been doing this sort of work for a few years now, so people might have seen me doing model promo work at car events, dance parties and things like that.

Car events?

Yes, everything from Auto Salon to the 4&Rotary Nationals, and more recently at the drifting.

Ah yes, you had the privilege of being a Stil Vodka NZ Drift Series girl for D-Factor’s first round at Manfeild. How was that experience?

Absolutely awesome! I’m into drifting in a big way, so it was like being paid to be somewhere I would have liked to have been anyway. The day seemed to go off without a hitch and there was always some action to watch; I was quite impressed!

So how about those Stil Vodka uniforms? Pretty damned saucy if you ask me!

Yeah, they did really well in choosing them. They really showed off a girl’s best assets, if you know what I mean…

I think so. It must be asked though, how the hell do you survive with so little clothing and next to no body fat on your typical freezing Manfeild day?

Oh you know, you’ve just got to suck it up. We are there to do a job, and it always makes things easier when you are constantly meeting new people and watching hot cars go sideways at 150kph.

How about the after-party at High Flyers bar in Palmy?

Well, I don’t drink, so I didn’t really get my booze on. But a few of the D-Factor staff did, which was amusing to watch.

When it comes to drifting, do you have a favourite competitor?

Hmmm, tough call. If I had to make a choice though I’d have to go with Jairus 'JT’ Wharerau and his Mazda RX-7.

Interesting. I was really expecting you to say Mad Mike, like everyone else in New Zealand. Why JT?

Well, he has the skills, obviously, but besides that the car is amazing. It’s got huge power, drop-dead gorgeous looks and it runs 10 seconds on the quarter mile for God’s sake! Rotor and drift ¬ they’re my two favourite things.

Yes, they do seem the things to be into. Why do you think rotors and drifting are so popular here in New Zealand?

It’s simple: people like excitement. Both those things provide that. Noise, power, speed and danger all the ingredients for a good time are in there.

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