Cover Girl – Stephanie – 147

February 2nd, 2009 by NZPC

Cover Girl - Stephanie - 147 00

Name: Stephanie

Age: 18

Occupation: Bartender

Hey Stephanie, I notice you’ve got a bit of an accent there, where are you from?

Well, I’m from New Zealand but I moved over to the UK when I was four years old, then came back a few years ago.

What’s England like? Is it as rough as people make it out to be?

I lived in a smaller city, so it wasn’t too bad. Places like London and Manchester can be pretty rough. We had quite a few chavs though.

Chavs? Aren’t they like the English version of our white trash, with their own dumbed-down language and everything?

Sort of. They wear lots of Burberry, go round stealing cars and things like that.

They sound charming. I think they have something to do with the car scene over there, don’t they?

To be honest, where I’m from, there wasn’t really a car scene at all. I think I saw one nice car, a Skyline, the whole time I was over there.

Well that sounds depressing… You must be stoked to be back in New Zealand then.

Yeah, the climate here is a lot better, but I do miss my friends.

OK, on to today. How was the shoot?

It was good but I was very nervous, I couldn’t stop my hands shaking this morning.

I’m gathering you haven’t done much modelling before then!

No. I did something when I was younger in England, but obviously nothing like this.

Er, was the studio in a basement by chance?

Haha, no, nothing like that. It was legit.

I’m sure it was! Moving on. I’m not sure if you have thought about this, but hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people are going to see these photos, how do you feel about that?

No, I hadn’t thought about that. Thanks. I guess it all depends on whether I think the photos look good. But hey, there is no turning back now.

Don’t worry, Adam shot these, what could possibly go wrong? Now, you work in a bar in Ponsonby, is that area really as 'Pon-snobby’ as its reputation suggests?

It can be, yeah, but not so much in the bar I work in it’s a bit rougher. Actually, there are chairs flying at some point during most nights.

Awesome! You are quite small and clearly very easy on the eye, how do you survive in a place like that?

I guess I just don’t take any sh*t; I’ve had to slap guys before.

How did that go down?

Not well, not well at all!

I bet, but it’s not like they are going to hit you back, so you’ve got a bit of an advantage there. Finally, I’ve been trying to pick your ethnic roots, just what the deuce are you?

I’m half Caucasian and half Chinese.

Ah, the dream mix, good for you. Thanks for coming in Stephanie, and try not to stress too much thinking about half of New Zealand eyeing up your business!