Cover Girl – Nora – Issue 130

September 4th, 2007 by NZPC




Occupation: Beauty Therapist

Hi Nora, you look fantastic, how are you?
Thanks! I’m great!

Cover model shoots are always good days to come into the office. How did you find the shoot today?PC 130 Nora Covergirl 180.jpg
It was so much fun! The clothes were gorgeous and the room was nice and warm.

Have you done many of these sorts of things before?
Yes, I’ve been modelling since I was 15, but haven’t done so much lately. It’s great getting paid to do something fun.

I bet! What do you normally do to pay the rent?
Oh, you know, rob banks and pick pockets, that sort of thing, haha! But no, seriously, I’m a busy girl, working three days a week in a pharmacy at the moment and three days in a beauty salon. I also squeeze in a bit of modelling and promo work  when I can.

Well, a life of crime could work for you; who would suspect someone like yourself? So where do you hail from?
No, no — I’m a good girl. I’m from up north, the lovely Whangarei, which is about two hours out of Auckland.

So I guess that makes you a bit of a beach girl, as opposed to a snow bunny?
Definitely! The beaches up there are so beautiful. I’ve been to the snow once and I broke someone’s leg, so I don’t think I will be going again anytime soon.

What was it like growing up there?
It was a simple formula of beaches, modified cars, lots of friends and too much family. Yeah, it was the best!

Too much family? What do you mean?
I’m the second of 12 kids, plus one in my mum’s tummy. They are all crazy and beautiful. The house is a bit like a zoo though, especially at feeding time.

There seems to be a big car enthusiast population up Whangarei way, are you one of them?
Yes, I support all the Drift Corp boys. I tried to pimp my DX Corolla once by spray painting it pink; it ended up looking like a ’70s tie-dyed shirt. All I can say is, don’t get inexperienced baby brothers to help.

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