Cover Girl – Laura – 138

July 22nd, 2009 by NZPC

Cover Girl 138 Laura 01

Name: Laura

Occupation: Musician/Actor

Age: 20

Now this is what I like to see, a good old wholesome Wellington girl gracing the pages of NZPC. Have you just travelled up for the day?

Yeah, it’s just a whirlwind trip. I flew up early this morning and as soon as the shoot is over, it’s straight back to the airport.

Cool, so how did you get this gig?

I made it to the finals of the Mill Liquorsave NZ Bikini Model search, so I guess you could say it gave me a foot in the door.

Did you enjoy doing the bikini comp?

Yeah, I do like doing them. Irrespective of whether you win or not, you still get to hang out with like-minded people and have a good time.

Besides comps, what else are you into?

I’m all about acting and music at the moment it’s my life. I’m the lead singer in a band called Monoxide Blonde. We are about to release an EP so fingers crossed people like it.

Well! bands with good-looking people generally do quite well, so you’ve probably got a bit of a head start in that respect. Zing! What about your acting?

I’m just starting to do more now, I’ve just wrapped on a project with Raybon Kan where I played a weird, promiscuous girl. It was a lot of fun! I’m always on the hunt for more work though, so hopefully you might start seeing more of me in the near future.

Hopefully! If you didn’t live in the paradise that is Wellington, and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Well, I’m half Australian, so my parents would probably be upset if I didn’t say Aussie! Otherwise I’d like to spend some time in Europe, like most people I guess.

Would you ever live in the metropolis that is Auckland?

I would consider it, yes. Sure, it doesn’t really have all the culture and people of Wellington, which, as they say, you can’t beat on a good day, but Auckland does have a lot more opportunities. I’m fine in Welly for the moment though, it’s a good city.

Cheers for your time Laura.