Cover Girl – Kerryn – Issue 105

February 13th, 2008 by NZPC


Age: 19

Occupation: Assistant Manager

So what are you driving? Just a little Nissan Pulsar

Best childhood memory? Going on Top of the Pops in London with my sister! We got selected out of 200 people to go back stage and meet all the stars!

Are you a summer or winter girl? Summer girl definitely! But I love falling asleep to the sound of rain!

Do you have any hidden talents? Ummm, I think I’m pretty funny!

What’s your biggest secret? How I got the scar on my chin

Well, so how did you get it then? Well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you would it?

Most embarrassing moment? I once did a nude photo shoot posing as Aphrodite for my sisters University assignment. It didn’t bother me too much except it got shot in public gardens. Everything was low key and I had a friend watching out in case anyone came. Next thing I know there’s loud noise and a huge truck coming through the brushes. I had to sprint naked to the car where my clothes were about eight metres away!.but I guess that was more funny than embarrassing!

So how did you enjoy your NZPC cover shoot? It was so much fun! Except when they thought it was the biggest laugh to keep shining the reflector in my eyes! Nah! it was awesome (laughs)

You got a dream car? It would have to be a pink Honda S2000 — like the one on 2Fast 2Furious, that’s hot!

If you had a choice — drag Skyline or drift Silvia what would you rather be seen it? I’d probably rather drift then drag!but I don’t like Silvias, sorry!

Blingin’ chrome or lightweight carbon? I’ll take the chrome

Big-body Benz on 20”s or 500hp Lancer Evolution? Ummm! that’s a tuffy. I think I’d take the Evo though.

Do you have a side that’s not so innocent? Of course.

What gives you pleasure in life? Laughing!

What’s a typical Friday night out for you? Hitting the d-floor and dancing my ass off till 7am!

You must cause a bit of a stir when you hit the clubs? Don’t ask!

How does a guy go about becoming Mr Kerryn? By being genuine would be a good start.

Ugly rich guy or poor broke hot guy? As long as poor broke hot guy makes me laugh it wouldn’t matter what his financial position is, I make my own money.

We recently saw you dressed in coconuts! is that normal for you? No, I only bring them out for special occasions! Nah!I’m kidding. They were actually a last minute costume!I was supposed to be dressed up as the devil but the coconuts were too funny to pass up!

What is your greatest ambition? I guess just to be happy and successful in whatever I do.

You must have been stoked to win Miss Auto Salon? Hell yeah! I was shocked because I was up against some real hot competition.

You’ve been doing a bit of modelling, where can we expect to see you next? It’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment so you’ll have to keep an eye out for me!

Elwood green track top — Route 66, Green Juicy Tracksuit — Space Suit $89.00, Paris Texas, Sugar Molly Jeans —, Bunny Puffa jacket — Space Suit $148.00, White belt/ skate shoes — Allure

Photos – Jared Clark
Make up — Evana Patterson
Styling — Amanda Carter @ Allure
Model — Kerryn @ Allure Promotions
Cover — Bikinis from

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