Cover Girl – Kelly – 157

November 23rd, 2009 by NZPC

Cover Girl Kelly PC 157 01 pod1

Name: Kelly
Age: 22
Occupation: Manager/Personal Trainer
Location: Christchurch

Hi Kelly, thanks for coming in today, and congratulations on winning the Boys Day Out bikini competition in Christchurch. I see you have listed personal trainer as your occupation that explains the body! A job like that must keep you in pretty good shape.
Yes, it does work out pretty well for me.

Is there such thing as a fat personal trainer or would no one hire you?
Actually, I know a couple of bigger boys that are good trainers. I think as long as you have the knowledge and a good personality, it shouldn’t matter. Of course, it probably does help if you have a good body so clients have something to aspire to.

I wouldn’t trust a fat personal trainer, just like I wouldn’t trust a skinny chef, but maybe that’s just me. You must get a few lazy people as clients, how do you deal with them?
Yeah, I definitely get a few of those it can be frustrating, sure. All you can do is kick their asses even harder.

They must hate you.
At the time, yes. But like I always say, hate me for it now, love me for it later.

Where has the career taken you? I heard mention of cruise ships during the shoot!
Yeah, I spent a couple of years working on cruise ships, travelling all over the world it was a lot of fun, but you can only do it for so long I think.

Why is that?
The lifestyle is just party, party, party. After a while that can get a bit old!

How does one even get a job on a cruise ship in the first place?
In my case they were just holding auditions in Christchurch, and I went along, tried out and a little while later I was on my way to the Mediterranean.

You must have experienced some ruthless storms on your travels. Were you spewing your ring out everywhere on your first voyage?
I can proudly say that I’ve never been seasick in my life. Although in saying that, I’ve seen my fair share of other people hugging the toilet bowl. Either way, you get used to walking on an angle and anticipating the next roll of the ship after a while.

I’m noticing a slight accent, I thought you were Christchurch born and bred.
(Laughs) I am! Everyone always asks where I am from, but I’m most definitely a South Island girl. I stopped off for a year in Greece before coming back to New Zealand, and I think I must have picked up the accent then.

It’s quite noticeable. How did you find Greece? Are the dudes as seedy as their reputations would have you believe?
To be honest, some are, yes. You have to be quite careful over there. I died my hair dark that way people would just assume I was a local if they saw me walking past, not a naà ve tourist.

How 007 of you! Thanks for stopping in for a chat Kelly, and good luck whipping those tub-tubs into shape!