Cover Girl – Clio – Issue 116

January 13th, 2008 by NZPC


Name: Clio Ross

Age: 20

Resides: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Likes: The beach, travelling

Dislikes: Racism

So where will our readers have seen you before?
On the May issue of Ralph, the July cover of Inside Sport, Auto Salon magazine issues 40 and 43 and also on the Auto Salon website.

And what is it you do by day?
I go to university. I’m studying International Business. I’m in my last year of my degree so it’s pretty full on. I also do a lot of modelling work in my spare time. I often have to travel around Australia and internationally for photo shoots which is great. The rest of the time I enjoy going to the beach and spending time with my friends and family.

When you were growing up, were you more of a girly girl as a kid, or a tomboy?
Definitely a tomboy because I grew up living with my four brothers, but I changed, thankfully!

As a kid, what was the one thing you really wanted to do when you were older?
I wanted to get into acting, but then I decided that modelling was better for me.

Are you doing that now? If not, do you see yourself doing that within 10 years time?
I have done a couple of commercials on T. V including one for Budweiser. I was also chosen for the cast of a short film called The Beach House. However I don’t see myself pursuing an acting career. I think the industry is way too competitive.

So then what aspirations do you have for the next 20 years?
I want to pursue my modelling while I can. Once I complete my degree though I want to continue studying to complete a masters in business. Hopefully I’ll be able to get many job opportunities out of that. I would love to work for an international company to get the chance to travel internationally for work.

What was your first taste in the modelling industry and how long have you been in the game?
I first started doing some photographic modelling when I was 15. What really got me into 'the game’ was a modelling competition that I entered when I was 18. I won the state final so they sent me to Melbourne to model for fashion week. Since then I have been modelling regularly. I’ve done modelling work in Singapore, Malaysia, Paris and New Zealand it’s been awesome.

When you drive, what do you get around in?
A Toyota Lexen but I’ve been saving up to buy a new car.

Is it modified in any way?
No it’s not.

Describe your dream ride!
It would have to be an R34 Skyline GT-R.

If someone handed you a $1,000,000 and told you that you had a week to spend it. How do you do it?
I would buy my dream car and also my dream house. Then I would go travelling around the world in amazing locations and stay in the best hotels. Then I’d give the rest of the money to my family and friends.

So, how does a guy win you over?
He’d have to have a great personality and be able to make me laugh, and also show some confidence.

And what would be your perfect date with this guy?
Probably at a nice restaurant so we could have a good meal and great conversation to get to know each other better.

How would you spend your ideal weekend from start to finish?
Probably a weekend away on holiday with some friends in an exotic location like Thailand. I went there last year it’s such a beautiful country.

A night at home infront of a fire watching a DVD or a night out partying?
That will depend on my mood. I love going out partying with friends to dance, have a couple of drinks and meet new people, but sometimes I just feel like staying at home to watch a DVD because it’s more comfortable and relaxing.

What’s your favourite thing about summer?
Definitely the good weather and the beach. I go to the beach as often as I can during summer, I love relaxing close to the water and getting a tan.

If you had to go to a remote island and were allowed to take two things, what would they be and why?
Bikinis, although it would be hard to chose which one because I have about 30 of them! And definitely my mobile phone because I can’t live without it!

Thanks Clio, it was great to meet you at the Auto Salon.

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