Cover Girl – Chloe – Issue 124

July 23rd, 2007 by NZPC


Name: Chloe
Age: 19
Occupation: Make Up Artist

Hi Chloe, how are you today?
I’m a little on the warm side but otherwise great, thanks.

You look familiar, where would our readers have seen you before?

I do a lot of promo work at import events, and I enter into quite a few bikini comps.

Ah yes, I believe I did a bit of cheering for you at the Import All-Stars after party in Taupo before I passed out on the bar! How did you do?
I came first equal actually, so it was a good night for me.

What did you think of the day?
It was good fun! The weather was awesome and I spent the whole time sitting in the sun, having a few drinks and watching the drags.

The first rounds of the bikini comps were held at the event themselves and the crowds were huge. Do you ever get nervous?
Not really. I’ve been a ballet dancer all my life, so I’m used to getting up on stage in very little clothing. The only time it gets weird is when the crowd doesn’t get into it and things go quiet.

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So you’d rather all those munters that yell things like “show us ya tits!”?
It doesn’t really bother me; at least they are making noise. Usually it’s my boyfriend yelling all the worst stufff anyway (laughs).

Ever had any embarrassing moments at a comp?
No, I haven’t actually, but you hear all the horror stories. Girls accidentally showing the crowd what only their gynaecologist should see, that sort of stuff.

Is it competitive, or do all the girls get on well?
Generally it’s pretty good; we all tend to get on pretty well. Sometimes when there is a lot of money involved it can change people a bit.

What do you do in your spare time, besides looking good in a bikini?
To be honest, I sleep a lot. I’m a big fan of mooching around the house in my pyjamas and eating.

That’s a little surprising. So you’re not a big party girl?
Nope, I got over that whole scene pretty quickly.

Interesting. Where did you grow up?
I’m from up north, a town called Warkworth. It’s not a big place, so everyone I grew up with is going to see this.

Lucky I didn’t ask you any embarrassing questions then. Thanks for your time Chloe.

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