Red Bull Hummer unveiled!

July 22nd, 2011 by Pedey

Many of you would have probably seen the big, matte black H1 Red Bull Hummer over the last few years – it’s been a staple of the kiwi summer scene for a long time now. Earlier this year, it was taken off the road and given the mother of all freshen-ups, and as of right now, we’re at the unveiling party.

First things first, free drink and free Burgerfuel – excellent move…

But on to the Hummer. We were expecting a bit of a spruce up externally, but Red Bull have gone nuts under the bonnet instead! This thing has gone on a heavy diet and now sports a big turbocharged crate motor. I’m really interested to see what this beast actually drives like under boost with it’s big 22’s.

Right, time for me to close the lap top and get back to the party… There better still be some Red Bull Vodkas left!