How can I turn my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V into a street/track weapon? NZPC 126

July 30th, 2008 by NZPC

I have a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V that I’ve started to build up as a bit of a street/track weapon. Presently the engine has a few basic mods that it came with from Japan, including an A’PEXi exhaust system, Blitz front-mount intercooler kit, Blitz blow-off valve, HKS air filter and HKS F-Con V Pro engine management system. The car goes pretty hard but, of course, I crave more power! What I really want to do is build up a forged engine and add a big turbo, etc! I see lots of the Lancers that feature in NZPC have JE forged pistons and H-beam rods, but are still 2000cc. In Japan the trend seems to be to go to 2200cc or 2300cc. So I’m wondering, what’s exactly involved in doing this? I get the feeling that it will be more than just fitting oversized pistons. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Thomas Wen — Auckland

Most of the kits on the market use stroker crankshafts, which increase the engine’s cubic capacity (cc). They will generally also use 0.5mm oversized pistons, and come with rods and bearings, etc. Having a big cc rating obviously does have its advantages, but there are some downfalls too. The bigger the cc, the more torque the engine will make, but it comes at the sacrifice of RPM at the top end. Really it just depends on what you want from the setup, but a good 2.0-litre setup can make just as much power if not more. If you don’t want to stroke it, remember that the block will need to be bored to take the oversize pistons. I would suggest that you have the whole bottom end balanced to be on the safe side. SM