1995 Mitsubishi Evolution III – D-Low Evo – 164

July 21st, 2011 by NZPC

NZPC checks out a stealthy Wanganui streeter that’s all about the go.

Don’t know about you, but we hate it when we get smoked at the strip by a stock-looking car. There are the taunts from your mates to put up with, of course. And the knowledge that you’ve spent a whole heap of money and still your ride isn’t as fast you thought it was. Then there’s that sick feeling when you know you’ve been done by some guy who just loves the fact that his car, for all that it looks like a factory-floor special, goes like stink.

Andy Glasgow’s Mitsubishi Evolution III is one of those cars.

Andy loves driving cars hard and wanted to create a tough street ride with the ability to cut loose at local hill climbs or on the drag strip. And being a staunch fan of fast imports since ages ago, Andy had done his research into what needed to achieve his end goal.

The Evo was a repossessed vehicle, minus engine, before Andy got his hands on it. It wasn’t in the best condition but he could see the performance potential.

Because Andy didn’t plan on racing with hopes and dreams, he was on the hunt for a suitable block to start building a rock solid bottom end. Over the next few months a forged bottom end package was put together and the various parts bought to get the car running.

For a year or so it ran the standard Evo ECU and drive train, and provided Andy with hassle-free motoring. The build started to get serious after Andy installed a Link ECU; the new power and torque got his modifying juices flowing.

The following months saw several turbo and exhaust manifold combinations tried but none was satisfactory for any notable duration.

The Evo had serious overheating issues and had three head gaskets replaced.

Andy learnt an important lesson, one we should all follow: try to get all your engine work done at a single workshop. When things go wrong with a modified motor and you’ve had a few companies involved in the engine building process, no one is willing to take responsibility.

After finally getting a package that worked, Andy hit the Masterton drag strip and by the end of the day was holding a 12.5-second time slip. No one reading this magazine will be surprised to learn that the urge to go faster took hold.

Andy began compiling a set of go-fast enhancements, ranging from a large Garrett turbo to a fuel system capable of emptying a full tank of gas in no time at all.

The car eventually found its way into the capable hands of Warren at PPRE, where it was fine tuned, and where a dash of extra power was found via some intricate headwork.

The results were instantly apparent. At his very next drag outing, Andy piloted his Mitsi into the NZPC 10 Second Club.

Next event: hill climbing. Andy entered a local race and ended up ruffling the feathers of the old boys from the car club. His Evo ran a course record, which led to the stalwarts demanding the car be placed in its own class — an odd request considering it’s street driven road registered.

After five years of hard abuse, the car has gone back into hiding for a freshen-up. When it returns to the street it will be sporting some serious head work and a stroker kit to up the torque and aid turbo response.

What Andy has shown above all is that a good build takes time. Oh, and that his Mitsubishi Evolution III may play the part of the factory-spec Lancer, but if you judge this book by its cover, you’ll be the one playing the fool.

1995 Mitsubishi Evolution III – Specifications

Engine: 4G63T 2000cc four cylinder, JE pistons, Eagle rods, ACL race bearings, ARP stud kit, ARP rod bolts, Kelford 272 cams, titanium retainers, Beehive valve springs, OBX adjustable cam gears, Gates cam belt, 5-inch intake K&N filter, Garrett GT30/40 turbo, GReddy BOV, Race Pro intercooler, 2.5-inch intercooler piping, 38mm Tial wastegate, custom stainless extractors, Speedflow fittings, Walbro lift pump, 044 Bosch fuel pump, stainless 2-litre surge tank, Sard fuel pressure regulator, 4x 880cc injectors, 10.5mm Eagle HT leads, custom 3-inch mandrel bent exhaust, stainless rear muffler, Link G2 ECU, GReddy Profec B boost controller, Gizmo shift light, PPRE oil catch tank.
Driveline: Evo III gearbox, Lockable centre diff, Exedy single-plate clutch, GSR diff gears Suspension: BC coil-overs with adjustable camber plates, front and rear strut brace
Brakes: Factory disc brakes, EBC race brake pads
Wheels and Tyres: 15-inch OZ racing alloys, Toyo R888 215/50R15 tyres
Exterior: Evo II front bumper, Evo III side skirts with end caps, shaved boot, silver on black PPG paint, tinted windows
Interior: Racetech driver’s seat, Momo steering wheel, Momo gear knob, Autometer Pro-Comp boost gauge, Autometer Pro-Comp oil pressure gauge, Autometer Pro-Comp water temp gauge, GReddy Profec B boost controller, custom alloy dash insert
Performance: Dyno Power: 320kW at the wheels on 20 psi, 0-400m: 10.92 @204kph

Andy Glasgow – Owner Profile

Age: 27
Occupation: Spreader driver
Build time: 5 years
Length of ownership: 5 years
Thanks: Gareth and Warren @ PPRE, Jeff Kirk, Chass Wardle, Chad Milbank, Glen Huijs, Kevin Coley at ColourCode, Ian Williamson, Greg Adams, Dean and Grant from Rivers, Bruce Chisholm, my partner Kristen, and Jesse for understanding my passion

Words: Falgoon Patel Photos: Adam Croy

This article is from NZ Performance Car issue 164. Click here to check it out.