2003 Honda Integra Type R – In the Club – 193

January 31st, 2013 by NZPC

Although you see a few around the place, Honda’s DC5 Integra is often somewhat overlooked in the high-performance race community due to its heavier weight and less than favourable chassis set-up. For most people, that’s a bit of a turn off — but for Jacky and the team from Jtune Automotive in Auckland it was something more akin to a challenge. As Jacky explains: “The chassis and suspension set-up isn’t actually that great on these cars, but this DC5 had been sitting in the shop for a while – it wasn’t running right, so we fixed up a few things and tuned it, then took it to the track. It had potential, and as no one can seem to make them work well, we decided to take up the challenge and develop the car — not just for more power, but for handling too.” With plans to create a time attack–worthy street-legal race car from the New Zealand–new 2003 Type R, plans were soon hatched and work got underway.

Jtune has always had a good relationship with Japanese tuning company Buddy Club NZ, and recently the two companies merged premises in Auckland, so the time was perfect to get together and create something special — especially considering Buddy Club International’s past experience with the DC5 chassis in endurance racing. Jacky says: “Buddy Club ran a pair of DC5s — one in the US and one in the UK — a few years back, so they had plenty of knowledge and data to help us.” Aside from know-how, Buddy Club would also be sponsoring the car with a heap of aftermarket goodies, including its unique and very rare wide bodykit, which was originally developed for the international race cars. Adding nearly 60mm to each side of the Type R, the new kit gives the DC5 a far more imposing look and allows for some bigger Buddy Club SF Limited 17×9-inch wheels and Kumho slicks under the guards.

This was important when you consider the type of power plant the team had planned for the car. The stock K20A had long been ditched before Jacky got his hand on it and in its place was a low compression K24A, built to run nitrous oxide. This was ditched and one seriously trick high-compression K24A was built up instead, based around a Drag Kartel head that Jacky had sitting in the workshop, which was originally destined for his Monster EG Civic that featured on the cover of NZPC Issue 123. The head uses all the best-of-the-best gear, which, when combined with a high-compression bottom end and all the most exotic supporting equipment you could imagine, produces a very useable, mid-range-heavy 220 kilowatts at the wheels. “I really like the new engine,” Jacky tells us. “It’s built not for maximum top-end power, but for mid-range and low-down torque. We wanted it this way because the DC5 is quite a big, heavy car. This means I don’t have to rev it out to 9000rpm in every gear — I can go from corner to corner without dropping out of the power band in the tighter sections. It really is the perfect motor set-up for this chassis.”

Although a full cage by Quest Fabrication and plenty of high-end suspension gear was thrown at the Integra, the reality of the issues that come with putting a whole heap of power and torque through the front wheels still remained: “We rebuilt the gearbox with a Spoon 5.1 final drive to make fifth and sixth more useable, and installed a Carbonetic 1.5-way diff, but traction is still a big problem. Throttle control is very important — we can still get it to wheelspin in fourth and fifth, but the power does make for a very fast car.” On its first real day at the track, the Integra surprised everyone as it screamed down Pukekohe’s back straight at just over 260kph, and came over Ford Mountain at 180kph — anyone who’s driven at Pukekohe will know that equates to one seriously quick car — especially for a full-weight, full-glass, naturally aspirated front-wheel drive!

Though the initial plan was to run the Type R in Time Attack, Jacky has instead decided to first compete in the Honda Cup — a hot bed of fast Hondas and the perfect way to learn, tweak and perfect his new car. The Integra runs in ‘Hybrid Unlimited’, which is a new class for the season that allows for a much broader scope of chassis and engine modification — perfect for not only this car, but a range of other hardcore Hondas that don’t fit into any other category. Jacky’s involvement in the Honda Cup hasn’t put a damper on the original time attack goals however, as he says, “We only need to change a few things to switch the car back to Time Attack — go back to semi-slicks, take out the weight ballast and it should be a very competitive car.”

As far as Honda tuning goes here in New Zealand, no one does it like Jacky and the team at Jtune Automotive — we always love popping into the workshop to see what these guys have on the build. From the moment we first saw this DC5 sitting next to a bunch of parts only two months ago, we knew it was going to be something special come summertime and after witnessing exactly what the car is capable of during its first shakedown, it looks like we were dead right — bring on the season!

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2003 Honda Integra Type R (DC5) – Tuning menu

2.4-LITRE in-line-4

ENGINE: Honda K24A 2400cc four-cylinder DOHC VTEC
BLOCK: CP piston 87.5mm, Carrillo I-Beam rods, micro-polished crank, APR main studs, K20A oil pump, Jtune baffled sump, fully de-burred block, K-Tuned water pump
HEAD: Drag Cartel USA–prepped K24A head, CNC porting by Port Flow USA, custom K24 circuit edition camshafts, Skunk2 Racing oversize valves, Skunk2 Racing Pro Series valve springs, Skunk2 Racing titanium retainers, Skunk2 exhaust-adjustable cam gears, ARP head studs, OEM head gasket
INTAKE: Stock DC5 airbox with air ram, Skunk2 Pro Series ported intake manifold, Skunk2 74mm Pro Series throttle body, K-Tuned thermo intake gasket
EXHAUST: Buddy Club 4-2-1 extractor, Jtune custom oval three-inch stainless race-edition exhaust
FUEL: Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, Deatschwerks 320 LPH pump, Skunk2 composite fuel rail, modified stock FPR
IGNITION: OEM Coils, HKS M-Series Super Fire Racing spark plugs, D1 Spec Version 4 ignition booster
ECU: AEM Series 2 standalone, AEM in-line wideband UEGO controller
COOLING: Custom half-height radiator, K-Tuned electric water pump, 14-row oil cooler
OTHER: Toda chain tensioner, Toda timing chain, powersteer pump deleted

GEARBOX: JDM DC5 Type R, Spoon 5.1 final drive
CLUTCH: Exedy Hyper Single Carbon D
DIFF: Carbonetic Metal Plate LSD
OTHER: K-Tuned/Driveshaft Shop stage 2 driveshafts, K-Tuned billet shifter arm and pivot ball, K-Tuned billet shifter cable bracket, K-Tuned race-spec shifter cables

STRUTS: Buddy Club Racing Spec coilovers
OTHER: Cusco front and rear sway bars, Whiteline sway bar end links, Hardrace full suspension arm bearing kit, Buddy Club roll centre adjustor, Mugen front strut brace,  J’s Racing rear strut, J’s Racing fender brace, J’s Racing rear subframe tie bar, electric power steering pump
BRAKES: (F) Carbonetic four-pot calipers, 330mm two-piece SCR-Pro rotors, Carbonetic R Spec pads, (R) Stock RSX calipers and rotors, Carbonetic R Spec pads

WHEELS: (Dry) 17×9-inch +28 Buddy Club SF Limited Bronze Black, (Wet) 17×9-inch +35 Buddy Club SF Limited Bronze Black, 15mm front spacers, 35mm rear spacers
TYRES: (Dry) 235/45R17 Hankook C51 slicks, (Wet) 235/45R17 Hankook W51 wets

PAINT: Championship White
ENHANCEMENTS: J’s Racing single-layer carbon bonnet, Buddy Club ATCS/WTCC wide bodykit, Buddy Club 1.5 high-mount GT Wing

SEATS: Sabelt Taurus, Racetech harnesses
GEAR KNOB: Buddy Club
 INSTRUMENTATION: AIM dash and data logger
ROLLCAGE: Full six-point by Quest Fabrication

POWER: 220 kilowatts (295hp) on E85 at the front wheels
WEIGHT: 1260kg with driver

Jacky Tse – Driver Profile

Location: Auckland
Occupation: Owner of Jtune Automotive
Length of ownership: Six months
Build time: Two months
Thanks: Aaron at Buddy Club NZ, our crew at Jtune Automotive, Big Al at Honda Cup NZ, Matthew at CT AUTO, Darryl and James at Redline Performance, Hyper Tyres, Nyle and Clint at Greenlane Speedshop, Soichi at ST Hi-tec, Evan at Speed Factor, Grant at GT Refinishers, Cookie and Ben at NZ Car Parts, Jason and Cherry at Counter Culture Design, Kyrie at Quest Fabrication, AAI Motorsport (Taiwan), Buddy Club International, Mans Auto (Hong Kong), K-Tuned (USA), AEM (USA), Karcept (USA), Drag Cartel (USA), and Port Flow (USA)


Words: Peter Kelly   Photos: Adam Croy