1994 Nissan 180SX and 1995 Nissan Silvia (S14) – Grease-Stained – 193

January 24th, 2013 by NZPC

Brothers Brad and Matt Lauder grew up with grease beneath their nails, their late father Warren Lauder ran WAL Engineering and built and raced his 400-cubic-inch tube-frame Toyota Starlet in NZGT. The brothers were around the pits from day one, so it was only natural that they picked up their father’s skill and passion for engineering, and by driving age both were eager to hit their home track of Manfeild and give it a crack, beating on anything they could get their hands on. For older brother Brad his involvement with drifting would be years away, instead honing his skills with club sprints, drag racing, track days and other two-wheeled activities. But for younger brother Matt it was drifting that sparked his interest from an early age, and he built what must have been one of the first V8-powered S Chassis cars in New Zealand. Any drifting trainspotters out there may remember this car taking second in D1 Rookie at the Waikaraka Park round of D1NZ a few years back.

By this time Brad’s SR20-powered KE Corolla was getting tired and rusty. And a massive fall in an FMX contest had him looking for a new sport. “I had been involved with drifting with Matt and thought it looked like something I should give a go,” explains Brad.

So in 2007 he picked up his current S14 as a stolen and recovered shell. “They told me it wouldn’t start but I turned up to the impound yard, put a battery in and connected the airflow meter — it fired straight up and I drove it home.” The SR engine was ripped out of his Toyota KE20 and put into the S14 and Brad began attending track days, developing both the car and his skills behind the wheel. His first full competition season came in 2010 in the D1NZ Pro-Am field, where Brad’s focus was more on getting through the season, rather than on championship points, but that all changed at the Taupo round, as Brad explains: “D1 CEO Brendon White came up to me and told me I was first in the Pro-Am championship lead; from then on it was on, I started taking things more seriously, I ended up placing second for the season behind Nico Reid who was killing it all year.” The strong finish earned him a place in the D1NZ Pro field.

The following season Brad surprised many in the sport when he took to the podium at Mt Smart after placing second as well as third during round six. These placings and more strong results earned him a top-eight finish for his first D1NZ Pro season.

With a goal of staying within that top-eight rank of drivers this season, the S14 went under the knife during the past few months. The engine was removed and the team at Shred Motorsport built up a new monster SR20DET with a modified VE head, CP pistons, Eagle rods, Sinco manifolds and a Garrett GTX 3076. Fed by E85 and controlled by a Link G4 Xtreme, the S14 made a massive 477kW on 29psi at the rear wheels, although the drift tune sits at 420kW on 21psi, which is plenty of power to destroy the rear 265/40R18s. The car also got new 18×11-inch Rota MXR wheels, new front steering knuckles, new lower arms, a modified rack position and a fresh pair of seats.

So where did all the old parts go? Like all good brotherly hand-me-downs, they went straight into Matt’s 180SX of course. It had been a few years since Matt had competed or even driven a drift car — “Two years ago I decided to get married so I sold my car, and saved up for the wedding. But a week after my wedding I bought the 180SX as a de-reged skidder. My wife isn’t a car person but she used to be a competitive horse rider so she understands the competition side of it.”

Matt set to work on the 180SX in his shed at home, handling everything from the roll cage, fuel set-up and crazy front flip conversion. Originally powered by a NA SR20, it stayed like this for quite some time, as Matt just had fun beating on it at track days, driving with friends and not going broke using too many tyres; as in Matt’s eyes, “It’s better to have a car you can out-drive, rather than a car that out-drives you, it’ll make you a better driver in the long run.”

But the lure of competition proved too strong, with Matt deciding to give D1NZ Pro-Am another go. Knowing that the 180SX in its current form wouldn’t be competitive, the build stepped up a notch. This is where Brad’s old parts came into play, including his old SR20DE+T, which features Kelford drift-spec cams, rocker stoppers, CP pistons and heavy-duty valve springs, which now call the 180SX home. Matt purchased a Nissan 300ZX as a donor car and swapped over its five-stud hubs, brakes and gearbox. With Matt now working at Shred as a fabricator the 180SX was pulled into work so the team could wire in a new Link G4 Storm and strap it onto the dyno, where it produced 290kW at the wheels.

Matt made his competition debut at this year’s NAC NZ Drift Nationals qualifying eighth in a field of 26, a few weeks out from the Cody’s D1NZ Pro-Am season opener at Manfeild last month. Having only driven the Manfeild track once with the car’s current set-up, the round one results spoke for themselves, with Matt taking top qualifier ahead of 31 competitors; the only driver to score three runs in the 70s, and then on the Saturday going on to take the round win.

Brad’s first round didn’t go quite as well in the Pro field, and although he qualified a very creditable fourth, a loss to ex-drift king Carl Ruiterman in the the top 16 meant a finish of tenth overall.

As we sat around chatting about cars, drifting and life in general, it became very apparent these boys have a passion and talent that runs deep, passed down from their father. Drifting to the Lauders is a lot more than just driving on opposite lock, it’s about the challenge of engineering a car to perform. As Matt puts it, “It’s the feeling you get from building something with your own hands and then going out and it working perfectly, just the way you designed it to, out on track.”

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1994 Nissan 180SX (RPS13) – Specs

ENGINE: SR20DE+T 2000cc four-cylinder
BLOCK: SR20DE block, CP pistons, ARP rod bolts
HEAD: Kelford Cams drift-spec cams, rocker stoppers, heavy valve springs
INTAKE: Custom four-inch intake pipe and filter, 250x400mm intercooler
EXHAUST: Sinco manifold, Custom three-inch straight-through pipe, three-inch muffler
TURBO: Master Power turbo GT35
BOV: Blitz
FUEL: Custom WAL Engineering stainless steel fuel tank with in-built drop tank, Bosch 044 pump, Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
 ECU: Link G4 Storm, wired and tuned by Shred Motorsport
COOLING: Pro Parts V8 style radiator, 16-inch fan
EXTRA: Custom WAL Engineering two-in-one oil catch can and radiator overflow bottle

GEARBOX: Nissan 300ZX five-speed, custom adaptor plate
CLUTCH: MP Autopart 2200-pound pressure plate, five-puck solid-centre clutch plate
DIFF: Locked R200

 STRUTS: BC Gold coilovers
BRAKES: (F) 300ZX five-stud rotors and calipers (R) 300ZX five-stud hubs, rotors, calipers
EXTRA: Adjustable rear tow arms, adjustable camber arms, adjustable front castor arms, custom big-lock front hubs

WHEELS: .Com Racing 17×9-inch 15p all round
TYRES: 235/45R17 Goodrides

PAINT: PPG Sky Blue by Terry at Airflowe Panel and Paint
ENHANCEMENTS: 180SX front bumper, S13 bonnet, Luxury Sports side skirts, graphics by Stik Signworks

SEATS: (F) KW fixed-back
INSTRUMENTATION: Boost gauge, water temp light, oil pressure light
EXTRA: WAL Engineering eight-point roll cage
PERFORMANCE: 290kW (388hp) at the wheels

Matt Lauder – Driver Profile

Age: 23
Location: Wellington
Occupation: Fabricator at Shred Motorsport
Build time: Nine months
Length of ownership: Nine months
Thanks: Huge thanks to Becky my wife, Brad my brother, all my friends and family, the team at Shred Motorsport, Terry at Airflowe Panel and Paint, and Jack at Stik Signworks

1995 Nissan Silvia (S14) – Specs

ENGINE: Nissan SR20DET 2000cc, four-cyclinder
BLOCK: CP pistons, Eagle rods, Cosworth head gasket, SR20VE oil pump
HEAD: SR20VE head locked to big cam lobes with a custom set-up from Shred Motorsport, Shred modified oil feed block
INTAKE: Shred four-inch stainless intake pipe, Sinco custom intake plenum, WAL Engineering stainless intercooler piping
EXHAUST: WAL Engineering three-inch stainless down pipe, three-inch straight-through without mufflers unless told off at the track
TURBO: Garrett GTX 3076, TiAL V-band exhaust housing, Sinco 3mm wall stainless exhaust manifold
BOV: Turbosmart
FUEL: 2x Bosch 044 main pumps, 4x 2000cc Injector Dynamics injectors, Tomei fuel regulator, -6 braided fuel line
IGNITION: 4xAEM Smart coil, custom Shred Motorsport leads
ECU: Link G4 Xtreme, custom Shred Motorsport
COOLING: Griffin three-core alloy
EXTRA: Shred Motorsport 24-tooth trigger system run off crank and a one-tooth sink off camshaft, Link ECU oil pressure sensor, custom Shred Motorsport catch can

GEARBOX: 300ZX five-speed, WAL Engineering adaptor plate
CLUTCH: Quarter Master twin-plate rally
FLYWHEEL: SMS Industries modified SR20DE
DIFF: 4.1 or 4.3 R200 diff and axles

STRUTS: Kei Office coilovers 8kg front, 6kg rear
BRAKES: (F) R33 five-stud rotors and calipers (R) Factory
OTHER: WAL Engineering modified subframes

WHEELS: 18×11-inch Rota MXR wheels all round
TYRES: Aden Tyres supplied 245/40R18

PAINT: Custom blue 2k
ENHANCEMENTS: Luxury Sports Super Made bodykit, D-Max rear over-fenders, D-Max front guards, Expandasign-applied graphics

SEATS: Recaro fixed-back
INSTRUMENTATION: Shred Motorsport digital water temp gauge

Power: 477kW (639hp) on 29psi of boost with E85 fuel, drift tune 420kW (563hp) on 21psi
ET: 12.8@119mph with old motor and full drift trim

Bradley Lauder – Driver Profile

Age: 27
Location: Rotorua
Occupation: Diesel mechanic
Build time: Ongoing
Length of ownership: Five years
Thanks: My partner Rachael, Mum, my brother Matt, the boys at Shred Motorsport, Ryan from Luxury Sports, Mike from Sinco Customs, Aden from Aden’s Tyres, Rota Wheels NZ, Expandasign (Rotorua), WAL Engineering, SMS Industries

Words: Marcus Gibson Photos: Adam Croy